Bodywork by Angel J Sanchez

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Meet Angel

Since I was young I always had a deep sense of empathy and care for others. I dove right into Massage thinking it was the best source of healing. Then I discovered there are more ways to heal that go beyond skin deep. Reiki, Pilates and Massage combined has helped me understand the body as a whole and for that I want to offer my knowledge to help bring a little bit of awareness to my client's body.


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Post Surgery Lymph Drainage

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Ease of Joint Movement through exercise and bodywork

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Oncology Massage and Lymph Treatment

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Creating Body Awareness in session planning for all modalities

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Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Massage

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Stress relief, Energy Balance and grounding

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COVID Precautions:

Mask is worn by Therapist at all times, frequent  bi-weekly testing to ensure all clients safety. Requests Clients to wear a Mask during Massage as there are immune compromised folks sharing the space. Sessions are spaced out for enough air flow, filtering and is santized heavily.


Massage | Lymph Pricing

  • 30 minutes $80

  • 60 minutes $125

  • 90 minutes $170

  • 120 minutes $215

Reiki Pricing

  • 30 minutes $65

  • 45 minutes $80

  • 60 minutes $100

  • 90 minutes $135

Month to Month Subscription


$105 for 60 min Massage or Lymph

$150 for 90 min Massage or Lymph

Tropical Leaves 2
Tropical Leaves 2

This option is great for saving and sharing!

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Massage & Lymph = $110 per 60 mins


Reiki = $85 per 60 mins

This option works best for short term commitment without losing the savings!

Package of 4